Conf42: DevSecOps 2021


Building our own custom Code Insight tool at Form3

Adelina Simion
Technology Evangelist @ Form3

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Ross McFarlane
Technical Lead, Information Security @ Form3

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Form3 are on a journey in scaling up - we are expanding our codebase and our engineering teams as fast as we can! In this talk, we present Code Insight, our tool for scanning our code for vulnerabilities:

  • First, we introduce how we work and deliver code at Form3 to set the scene of our DevSecOps practices.
  • Then, we move on to discuss what the requirements of Code Insight to fit our practices at Form3 are.
  • Next up, we present the Code Insight architecture that we have built using Github webhooks and AWS technologies.
  • Finally, we round off the presentation with our lessons learned and next steps.

Join us to learn how we used Code Insight to scale and deliver faster than ever before! 🚀

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