Conf42: DevSecOps 2021


Stay ahead of the game: automate your threat hunting workflows

Christopher Van Der Made
Developer Advocate @ Cisco

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Cyber threats are running rampant in the IT world. It’s time to take a proactive stance. This session will teach you how to automate your hunt for active cyber thredats in your network/cloud/endpoint environments and what to do once you’ve caught them.

It is very important nowadays to stay up to date with all of the cyber threats that are posing all over the world. It is widely known that there are not enough resources to be found to fill up every Security Operation Center (i.e. SOC). Therefore, many organizations struggle with coping with the massive amount of new type of attacks and generated alerts from their tooling.

During this session, you will learn how to hunt (and automate your hunt) for active cyber threats in your environment and contain them using integrated connections to network, endpoint, and cloud products. This session is targeted at SOC management, cyber security engineers, threat hunters, and analysts. It will touch on threat detection, investigation and response. All the code will be made available after the session.

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