Conf42: DevSecOps 2022


Staring into the data abyss: Achieving a higher level of cloud security so you can sleep better

Chris Webber
Engineering Director, IT and Operations @ Open Raven

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Public buckets, missing encryption, databases open to the internet, and an endless stream of misconfiguration tickets all keep us awake at night. How can we put an end to this? The answer lies in knowing where your data is located, what types you have, and how that data is protected. These insights make it easier for us to know what’s a priority and what can be put on the backlog.

Chris Webber, Engineering Director, IT and Operations at Open Raven, will cover the following:

  • Cloud security posture is just the beginning
  • The data lifecycle - leveraging the cloud to automate policy
  • Essential data context attributes for security
  • Three things you can do right now to improve your data security

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