Conf42: DevSecOps 2022

- premiere 5PM GMT


The Importance of Integrating Security Measures Throughout Development

Francesco Vecchi
Cybersecurity Student, Ethical Hacker

Hi! I’m a young Hacker and Front End Student holding an eJPT cert. Large consumer bases having had their data compromised, affirming that bad code practice is at fault, and I don’t intend minorities, its companies like Yahoo or Google that had CVE vulns which led to your password being leaked.

With several terabytes of data having been leaked to the Dark Web due to sloppy development, this talk will go through important security measures to take while developing web-apps/websites from the standpoint of a 15 year old eJPT. We will go through the importance of testing your code and protecting your self to avoid being a target of social-engineering attacks or SQL/XSS attacks, all of which have been the cause to MAJOR hacks.

Hacking passed the eJPT with an 85% score and actively studying for my OSCP certification at 15, I intend to talk about:

  • The Importance of writing good code
  • XSS walkthrough
  • How SQL injections are a leading cause to major data leaks
  • Broken Authentication
  • LFI - How we can protect ourselves against these attacks

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