Conf42: DevSecOps 2022

- premiere 5PM GMT


Say Goodbye to Manual Kubernetes User Access Onboarding

Kenneth DuMez
Developer Relations Engineer @ Teleport

Kenneth DuMez's LinkedIn account

This talk will focus on the challenges with configuring access control for Kubernetes clusters and why it’s so important to make Kubernetes access both simple and secure. Any engineer that has worked with Kubernetes before — either as an administrator, user or developer — knows that cluster configuration is a massive iceberg. At the tip of the iceberg, you have “just make it work.” At this level one engineer can access one cluster. In some cases this can be tricky enough by itself.

Below the surface however, you get other problems quickly: infrastructure security, credential management, identity-native access, RBAC role management, audit-logging and compliance standards. And then once you figure those out you have to ask: But what about at scale? What if you have tens, hundreds, maybe thousands of clusters? What if you have a team of 40, or 200 engineers? Configuring Kubernetes access in a secure, manageable way can be an extremely daunting task. This is where open-source Teleport comes in. Teleport makes it easy to securely onboard and off-board Kubernetes access for engineers at scale, without the need for hours of manual configuration, all without using long-lived credentials. This talk will include an overview of the problem-space for Kubernetes access today, an indepth look at the technology behind Teleport and a live-demo of accessing and managing a cluster with Teleport. Learn how open-source Teleport can ease the stress of your DevOps team, and allow your security engineers to sleep peacefully at night without worrying about Kubernetes attacks.

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