Conf42: Enterprise Software 2021


Making the Jump to JUnit 5: A walkthrough of migrating code from JUnit 4 to JUnit 5

Jonathan Meek
Software Developer @ The Home Depot

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When it comes to our software, we talk very adamantly about upgrading the packages that support it and debate heavily on the cadence of those upgrades (e.g. monthly vs as we code). We treat the JVM versioning the same way: debate heavily on the cadence but generally agree that it should be upgraded throughout the lifecycle of the application. So why do we treat our testing frameworks any different? Aren’t they as critical as our application libraries and our JVM versions?

Of course! Some could argue even more so than the application libraries and the JVM versions. In the application of Test-Driven-Development (TDD), the first toolset that one touches is the testing framework and it would make sense to upgrade it often, given this is where TDD developers start.

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