Conf42: Enterprise Software 2021


Effective Java with Groovy & Kotlin - How Languages Influence Adoption of Good Practices

Naresha K
Independent Consultant

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If you are curious to find out how the selection of language (Groovy & Kotlin in this case) not only improves developer productivity but also influences developers to adopt good practices, this talk is the right place to be in. ​ Effective Java’ presents the most effective ways of using language. However, the adoption of these practices among Java developers is less than satisfactory. Over the years, Java has evolved as a platform, and it hosts several languages. Since Groovy and Kotlin run on JVM, most of the suggestions from Effective Java are equally relevant for Groovy and Kotlin developers. Moreover, these languages simplify the implementation by providing out of the box constructs for many of the recommended practices which can boost developer productivity.

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