Conf42: Golang 2021


Terminal Emulator Basics in Golang

Ishuah Kariuki
Principal Backend Engineer @ Hover Developer Services

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Dive into the inner workings of the Unix TTY subsystem and understand how terminal emulators work.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you type something on your terminal? Why signal interrupts such as Ctrl-Z exist? Why are they called terminals in the first place?

This talk aims to improve your understanding of what happens in the background when you use terminal emulators. We’ll cover the basics of the TTY subsystem and build a simple terminal emulator in Go.

Talk outline: 1. Introduction: A brief background of the current state of the TTY subsystem. 2. Why PTY?: This section explains how Linux PTY works. 3. 10-minute Codelab: Build and run a simple terminal emulator in Golang. 4. Conclusion/Q&A

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