Conf42: Golang 2021


Play with KinD, nGinx Ingress Controller and Secured gRPC server

Mahendra Bagul
Software Engineer @ InfraCloud Technologies

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Would you like to know how I verified mTLS gRPC Client-Server setup on KinD based Kubernetes clusters?

I want to share that experience in this session. The gRPC server is configured with server-side certificates and running behind nginx based ingress on KinD Kubernetes cluster.

The gRPC Client with client certificates can talk to this gRPC server, thus creating mTLS communication. I will cover all configurations and code changes in the talk. Excited?

Setting up mTLS for Client-Server powered with gRPC (Golang and NodeJs)

Golang gRPC Server (Runs with server-certificates)

NodeJs gRPC Client (possesses its own client-certificates)

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