Conf42: Golang 2021


Between Order and Chaos: Creating Immersive Generative Art With Go

Preslav Rachev
Founder @ PSV

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Generative art is a unique form of artistic expression, building bridges between computer programming, randomness, and visual aesthetics. It has kept my imagination for over a decade. While I have never been particularly skilled at drawing, I have always been amazed by what one could achieve with a couple of lines of code. At the beginning of this year, I wrote and and self-published a book about the use of Go as a language for graphics and generative art programming.

Unlike popular choices such as Processing, NodeBox, openFrameworks, etc., I picked Go for two simple reasons:

Go’s syntax is easy enough that virtually anyone can learn it quickly. The language is far more versatile than what most programmers use it for.

I am hoping that my talk will give the audience a new perspective about their favorite language, and the chance to discover an artistic side they did not know thy possessed.

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