Conf42: Golang 2021


WebRTC: The secret power you didn't know Go has

Sean Dubois
Developer @ Apple

Sean Dubois's LinkedIn account

Robots, Virtual Reality, Multiplayer NES Games and Censorship Circumvention. These are just some of the things being built with Go and WebRTC. This talk will teach you about the technology that is powering the cutting edge and why Go is the language to do it.

If you know WebRTC you know Pion WebRTC. With 7k stars on Github and the 23rd most popular channel on Slack it is growing fast. The company recently announced a demo that allowed you to control a spot robot right from your browser using it. Piepackr allows you to play multiplayer NES games with friends. Tor is using it to bring uncensored internet to those that can’t even download binaries.

In this talk you won’t learn just how to build things with WebRTC, but get a whirlwind tour of concepts that you can apply to other projects. Learn high level topics like NAT Mapping, Congestion Control and Error Correction. These are things that we take for granted, but don’t have the luxury in high performance networking. Learning these topics will make you stronger going back to other problems.

Then see a quick demo of the Pion WebRTC API. How can you express these RTC topics using a simple Go API? Last we will finish with the most popular projects build with WebRTC in Go. This will inspire you to go build your project that will change the world.

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