Conf42: Golang 2022


Load testing with F1

Adelina Simion
Tech Evangelist @ Form3

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Andy Kuszyk
Head of International Engineering @ Form3

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Due to a lack of functionality in existing solutions, we wrote our own open source load testing tool at Form3 to test our asynchronous system in. This talk focuses and on the importance of load testing and showcases our solution, named F1. It allows us to write our tests in Go - leveraging the powerful mechanisms of goroutines and channels in our tests! The key points of discussion in our talk are:

  • Load testing fundamentals: What is load testing and why should we care about it? What existing tools are there out there already and what are their limitations?
  • Introduction F1: What is F1 and how is it different from existing solutions?
  • Live demo: let’s see F1 in action on a Go demo app!
  • Join us to learn how we load test our services in Go using our open source tool, F1, and let’s make testing cool again!

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