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Peernet - an open p2p network standard/implementation

Akilan Selvacoumar
Core Developer @ Peernet

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The Peernet protocol aims on creating a standard and implementation based on effective techniques for running a p2p network that just works out of the box.

We are also building a browser based on our protocol for anyone to share content they believe to the public in Peernet fashion(i.e p2p and taking advantage of the bandwidth available).

Major features of Peernet

  • Decentralized search.
  • Using UDP hole-punching to ensure any node behind NAT can share files with each other.
  • Using a reliable version of UDP to ensure custom control of dispersing packets at an application layer.
  • The entire implementation is in pure Go, hence the possibility to execute across multiple operating systems and architectures.
  • Custom peer discovery mechanism.

More information on the project:

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