Conf42: Golang 2022


Testing in Go: 101

Francisco Daines
Principal Software Engineer @ Walmart

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Nowadays ensuring the quality of our artifacts is a must to support the continuous deployment process. This talk is about testing in Go, describing best practices and different approaches through practical examples.

Today is very common to heard about Test Driven Development (TDD), unit testing, integration testing and so on, but these practices still implies an effort to development teams.

The focus of this talk is to present some way to testing our apps in Go, describing best practices and different approaches so the audience can start testing their apps in a proper way.

This talk includes topics like: Why testing is important, where we should create our tests, how to mock dependencies, how to stub behaviors, use of standard testing libraries and checking for code coverage. The final part works as an introduction for Behavior Driven Development, checking for some modules that help us to implement acceptance tests in an idiomatic way (for example, ginkgo+gomega).

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