Conf42: Golang 2022


Successful Go for microservices architecture

Herve Ah-Leung
Senior Software Engineer @ Smartnumbers

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Microservices architecture is a formidable pattern and Go is an incredible language. How do these two perform when combined?

The microservices architecture consists of a breakdown of your software into multiple tiny services: flexible, independent, easy to scale up, domain-specific, more granularity, etc… But comes with some issues: complexity of communication between services, E2E tests difficult to write, daunting for new joiners, etc. Having all the services written in Go does not solve all those problems but makes the software development more enjoyable and eases some of the pain points.

The goal of this talk is not to sell the microservices architecture neither Go, but is more about the story/timeline on how we transitioned an existing microservices piece of software into Go.

What will be shared:

  • which features of Go allow us to build a successful microservices system?
  • which blockers did we face?
  • what are the next steps for us?

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