Conf42: Golang 2022


Go Serverless!

Savas Ziplies
Managing Director & Founder @ elipZis

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With the advent of Serverless offers such as AWS Lambda or GCP Cloud Functions Golang has become usable and popular in small, functional cases. But the paradigm shift locked to certain providers does not provide a high incentive to transition. Especially Golang has a wide range of high-performance web frameworks fuelling many application and micro-services. So why switch? Because now you can!

Bringing top-notch frameworks such as Fiber to AWS Serverless and leveraging multi-service deployments from one codebase without the need to bend to new structures and think in small single-file functions but use proven paradigms and development schemes makes the use of “”the best of both worlds”” easy.

In this talk, Savas will show you

  • how to leverage existing Golang frameworks and bring them to AWS Lambda,
  • structure your codebase to support multi-service deployments,
  • configure staged deployments of multiple API and Event-driven services and
  • add additionals such as Chromium to your deployment to use as Web-Scraper in your code

Scale endlessly? No problem! Need additional libraries? Dockerize it!

Everything is possible, without caring about scaling on a Cloud level, while being able to develop locally the way we used to.

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