Conf42: Incident Management 2022


Varieties of Incident Response

Kurt Andersen
SRE Architect @ Blameless

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Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to respond to incidents? When you are in the midst of an incident, does “the process” help you and your teammates or is it more of a burden?

There have been a variety of approaches to organizing people and teams over the 30+ years of online services. Each of them have benefits and drawbacks. This talk will dive into a representative set of these approaches to examine them and help the audience to have a wider context by which they can evaluate their own arrangements for incident response.

The talk will also look at incident response from a more abstract, task/intent-focused perspective to give a framework against which processes can be examined and adjusted to be more enabling, less burdensome. (And no, this is not a lite beer commercial ;-))

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