Conf42: JavaScript 2020

- premiere 5PM GMT


Put Down Javascript - How Building Fundamentals Will Help You Level Up

Colby Fayock
Front End Developer @ Element 84

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A growing trend in the front end world is the idea that you can dive right in to Javascript and succeed. For better or worse you probably can, but you’re building on top of a fragile foundation. We’ll talk about how you can level up your Javascript by getting back to the basics of HTML and CSS.

Seasoned and beginner alike, developers have a habit of jumping right into a framework or new technology that makes a lot of promises while also glazing over important fundamentals that without, tend to hold back a website or application’s potential. Without some basic knowledge of HTML, you might inadvertently exclude people from learning about your company through your website due to poor accessibility. Lacking an understanding or simply being afraid of CSS, you might be more prone to add unnecessary libraries on top of libraries that just add to the weight of the page, impacting how quickly your app can load.

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