Conf42: JavaScript 2021


Quick Apps: easy coding, frictionless UX

Martin Alvarez-Espinar
Web Standards Manager @ Huawei Technologies

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Quick App is a framework that implements the W3C MiniApp specifications, a new concept of hybrid light applications that do not require installation and offer native user interfaces. This talk presents Quick Apps as a platform for mobile application development, based on the widely known front-end web technologies (i.e., HTML, JS, CSS) and an MVVM architecture. It enables developers to create “light” applications more efficiently, using built-in components and advanced access to a host devices’ native resources like the calendar or running the app in the background. Quick apps help deliver products and services with an accelerated time-to-market process and tools for product lifecycle management, including promotion, user acquisition, monetization, and user retention… All packaged in less than 1MB.

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