Conf42: Kube Native 2023


Git Sh*t Done, the GitOps Way

Frederic Harper
Principal Developer Advocate @ Kubefirst

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Are you an avid cloud user, and are now contemplating Kubernetes for your project? Did you already start to play with clusters, controllers, pods and anything K8s? In both cases, stop what you are doing right now, and let me help you in your container orchestration journey by introducing you to GitOps. I know, I know… you barely jumped the DevOps wagon, and there is already this new kid in town. Worry not my friend, because this talk will set you on the path to success for implementing Continuous Deployment (CD) for cloud native applications. You’ll learn what the hell is GitOps, and how it will help you better collaborate with your team, deploy & iterate faster within a more secure environment, while saving some costs on the road. In the end, you’ll leave with concrete steps to implement best practices to get shit done, the GitOps way!

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