Conf42: Machine Learning 2022


Don't Waste Data

Aditi Ramaswamy
Software Engineer @ Lob

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Anisha Biswaray
Business Analyst @ Lob

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Amassing large amounts of data is in the very nature of most tech companies. However, in companies which don’t have a dedicated ML focus, there is often relatively little effort put into thoroughly analysing this data and finding uses for it. In fact, there exists a misconception that ML is “irrelevant” to certain problems, and thus spending time on ML data analysis is a waste.

The real waste, as Anisha and I discovered, lies in ignoring this data. Through using our large body of historical data and implementing a simple random forest regression, we were able to discover a method of routing Lob mailpieces which, as time will tell, could have a significant impact on our mail delivery timings.

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