Conf42: Machine Learning 2022

Intelligent Business Agility: Artificial Intelligence at the service of Business Agility

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Business Agility represents the ability of an organization to respond adequately to market, and at the same time dealing with internal flexibility for revising its organizational model, its own processes and specific skills, in order to make everything more efficient.

Business Agility is a process of perpetual evolution that must focus on what is validated on the field in order to identify, from an experimental point of view, the best relative solution, that topically is in conflict with absolutisms.

It is evident how the data collected within daily operations represent a real treasure, while emphasizing the importance of turning them into a valuable information that allows decisions to be made in a more targeted and prudent way.

To achieve this, modern intelligence algorithms are increasingly used and become a precious ally to those who set themselves the ambitious challenge of implement an agile organization able to best support the vision of business agility.

In the time available we will explore just how artificial intelligence can concretely support the organizational transformation process, also presenting the pilot project Arinn.ia, which is a Digital Agile Master that supports teams in their first experiments in agile scope.


Felice Pescatore

Agile Coach @ Inspearit

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