Conf42: Mobile 2022


How Devs can save the future generations

Manuel Carrasco Molina
Senior SwiftUI Dev & Ethical (H)ac(k)tivist @ StuFF mc

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Manuel’s passion for software development is way older than his passion for the environment. Still, over the last 10 years, he realized one cannot be more important than the other one.

If I want to leave a livable planet to my grand-children, if I want to have grand-children at all, I need to bring the argument of CO2 on the table regularly at technical meetings and conferences.

I don’t want to hide under APIs ever again. I don’t want the politician and activist in me to ever hide behind the programmer, because I felt I could convey the message better with slides full of code.

The time is now where I would like to try a wake up call to all of us and explain why if we don’t work all together, at every level, the world as we know it, the so-called civilization will be over in 10 to 15 years.

We’re the new dinosaurs, let’s try to survive instead of writing the next feature in the next sprint. This sprint — the one for our future — is a way bigger story.

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