Conf42: Mobile 2022


I am only dreaming. Right?

Nicola Zaghini
Engineering Manager @ Phorest Salon Software

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It was late 2017 when I, the Mobile Architect, was asked to evaluate React Native for the first time: a prospect client explicitly asked for it as a cross platform solution. As a Mobile Architect that built his fortune with native I clearly advised against, pitching native as the only viable option. Few months later AirBnB was sunsetting React Native. What a win, I was right! Sadly the prospect client left as the cost of two distinct developments was unsustainable. I started to doubt my decision. I was almost ready to wake up.

Later in the year I was challenged by the C-levels on how to contain the bleeding costs of double development of every aspect of our mobile products, how to solve feature disparity among platforms, how to get faster to market and so on. We can push our architecture / process as we want but there is a limit that just a technology change can break.

I put myself outside of my comfort zone by giving up on my native dogma, prepared to give cross platform, in the specific React Native, a real chance. I was out of my bed, awake.

With a great team, in a relatively short time frame, we managed to pitch, hire, develop and distribute top class native experiences for thousands of customers and tick all the C-levels requirement boxes. There is no money that would convince me back to how I used to do mobile before.

In this talk I am sharing my experience on how to successfully do cross platform, from pitching to C-levels to forming the right team for executing and delivering top class native mobile apps that delight your customers!

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