Conf42: Mobile 2022


Obscure Swift

Pawel Lopusinski
iOS Developer @ Glovo

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Swift helps the developer quite a lot and has many quality of life features that can be leveraged. But sometimes these can bite us in quite unexpected ways.

Pawel will talk about 4 such cases in Swift: - the @autoclosure annotation and a “hidden” retain cycle you can get there - how to turn a Swift struct into an NSObject - default parameters in functions and overriding them in subclasses - and how to have multiple variables of the same name, but different type, in a single object (kind of)

Pawel believes that developers of all levels can benefit from this - newcomers will learn about language features (@autoclosure, default implementation in extension) while at the same time, together with more experienced devs, will get a chance to take a look under the hood and see what powers those features and what seemingly unexpected consequences we may encounter when using them.

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