Conf42: Open Source Showcase 2020

- premiere 5PM GMT


Webiny - your open-source foundation for building serverless full-stack applications

Sven Al Hamad
Coder @ Webiny

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Serverless infrastructure is changing the way how applications are architected and coded. However, today there isn't a framework that you can use to help you build and architect your serverless application. Webiny is here to solve that problem. It's your serverless foundation.

Webiny is an open-source framework for building serverless applications. Webiny is coded 100% in JS, with React.js on the frontend, and Node.js on the backend. Webiny gives you a blueprint to code your first serverless application, but without the pains of figuring out how to do proper routing, SSR, a file system, ACL, DB connection pooling and much more - these things behave differently when using a serverless infrastructure. Essentially Webiny removes the risk of adopting serverless.

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