Conf42: Python 2021


Shopyo: Your Mega Flask Machine

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
Founder @ Compiler Alchemy

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Django and Flask regularly come out as the most preferred tools of Python developers. Django is the heavy tool while Flask is the flexible, tedious solution if not careful. This talk unveils Shopyo which leverages Flask loaded with Django advantages. Presenting a monster of a new kind.

This talk presents Shopyo. A framework to help Flask users get started quickly with a great architecture and features never seen before in the Flask world. It allows Flask people to have Django powers, and beyond. It allows the use of apps/modules with the addition of a concept called box. It also supports some Django commands like collectstatic. It comes with tests and docs ready to go. We also included a few touches of Masonite. It’s much, much more than a Flask boilerplate project. In line with the Flask spirit it leaves much control of the wizardry in your hands, you the user.

The framework was designed to spin big, flexible and organised projects. The talk presents the features of the project as well as setting up a demo project. This talk is an advanced one. It requires the user to have knowledge of common packages like flask_login, sqlalchemy, alembic & flask_migrate, flask_wtf, sqlalchemy_wtf, of concepts like multi-profile configs and the app factory pattern etc. To be a well grounded Flask dev if you like. Just go over them if you are reading these lines as the talk needs at least a conceptual knowledge of those.

Why should you waste your time attending this presentation?

I decided to present the conclusion of years and years of Flask development as a framework which allows you to stand on the shoulders of giants from day one.

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