Conf42: Python 2021


Delivering successful API integrations with Python

Jose Haro Peralta
Founder @

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Modern web applications are usually served over APIs. Through API integrations, we enable communication between microservices and between backend and frontend. Successful API integrations are crucial for the stability of our platforms and the products and services we build around them. However, more often than not, API integrations tend to fail. Reasons vary, but a common factor is lack of proper API documentation. In this presentation, I want to show how we can use documentation-driven development to deliver successful API integrations, by leveraging the big ecosystem of tools and frameworks developed around API specifications.

In documentation-driven development, we write the API specification first using a standard specification format. I’ll show how we can leverage documentation to test and validate our API implementations before we release them, and how we can develop our clients using API mock servers. The approach described in this presentation won’t eliminate completely the risk of API integration failures, but it’ll surely lead to a more robust software delivery process for our APIs.

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