Conf42: Python 2021


Programming your way up a Skyscraper - Coding in the Architecture Profession

Tadeh Hakopian
Design Technology Manager @ HMC Architects

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When I started working on the latest high rise for San Francisco a challenge stood before me: How am I going to do this without losing my mind? Thankfully Python coding came to the rescue. This talk will showcase all the tools built around Python that can make architecture dreams come true!

“The audience will learn about how open source coding has been used for buildings. There is a burgeoning industry for software development and open source tools to be used in building design and construction. I want to show everyone how much interest there is in open source tools in this sector and my intent is to gain audience interest and grow the open source community in Architecture.

This talk explains how I used Python to dive into open source tools for my projects. This includes scripting with open source tools like Dynamo, Rhino and Blender. My talk is meant to encourage others to learn how to use open source tools with Python and enhance their projects whether it is in digital or physical space. “

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