Conf42: Python 2022


Pragmatic Security Automation in the Cloud with Python

Joshua Arvin Lat
CTO @ NuWorks Interactive Labs

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Taking care of the overall security of systems and applications running in cloud environments is not easy. Manually performing security operations and auditing procedures on a regular basis take a lot of skill, time, and discipline. At the same time, auditing the different processes, systems, and applications used by organizations involves the usage of several tools. For example, scanning network environments may involve the usage of tools such as Nmap, and scanning container images and servers may involve both open source and commercial vulnerability scanners. Some of the major challenges encountered when performing security assessments can be solved through proper automation and integration of tools.

In this session, we will make our lives easier by using Python to automate different security tasks and responsibilities and use it with different security tools and services. We will talk about the tips and tricks on how to design and build your own custom security tools to solve real-world requirements. These include Infrastructure as Code solutions, code design patterns, data engineering techniques, and even basic penetration testing techniques.

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