Conf42: Quantum Computing 2022


Uranium - a visual quantum computing platform

Radu Marginean
Software Developer

Radu Marginean's LinkedIn account

Many of the quantum circuits used in the NISQ era, and beyond, can be understood visually as a collection of gates in circuits placed according to some pattern. Hence, the use case for designing circuits visually using an editor is a strong one. However, most of the existing circuit editors are rather basic. Uranium is an open-source platform that intends to fill this unoccupied space: At its core, it comprises an advanced circuit editor which is easy to use and versatile, and a high-performance simulator written in Rust that can run in your browser or offline. It features a large collection of one and two-qubit gates, many of which are not available elsewhere, plus several larger gates. Circuits can be composed and reused, this way large, complex circuits can be easily created. The editor is easy to use, productive, and supports export to external formats. Circuits with up to 27 qubits can be simulated in your browser. We also provide support for offline simulation for up to 32 qubits.

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