Conf42: Site Reliability Engineering 2022


The State of DevOps and Observability in 2022

Dotan Horovits
Principal Developer Advocate @

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There are many opinions on DevOps, open source, and observability, but what is actually being practiced? What can we learn from the collective experience of the community? We went and surveyed over 1000 engineers across the globe about their DevOps practices, challenges, and more, with special focus on enterprise observability. This session will share data and insights from the survey, with key trends (compared to previous years’ DevOps Pulse surveys), points of interest, and challenges that developers experience on a daily basis.

This session will help you learn from the collective experience and emerging best practices in the community, to help guide decisions on processes, tooling and architecture choices.

The survey analyzes topics such as:

  • What are your challenges with running Kubernetes in production?
  • How long does it take to troubleshoot production issues?
  • Which tools do you use for ticketing, event correlation and notifications?
  • Who is responsible for ensuring observability?
  • How do enterprises handle shared services? And much more.

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