Conf42: Site Reliability Engineering 2022

On Call Like a King - How do we utilize Chaos Engineering to become better cloud native engineers?

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The evolution of cloud native technologies and the need to scale engineering, leading organizations to restructure their teams and embrace new architectural approaches. Being a cloud native engineer is fun! But also challenging. These days engineers aren’t just writing code and building packages but are expected to know how to write the relevant Kubernetes resource YAMLs, use HELM, containerize their app and ship it to a variety of environments. It isn’t enough to know it at a high level. Being a cloud native engineer means that it’s not enough to just know the programming language you are working on well, but you should also keep adapting your knowledge and understanding of the cloud native technologies you are depending on. Engineers are now required to write services that are just one of many other services that usually solve a certain customer problem.

In order to enhance engineers’ cloud native knowledge and best practices to deal with production incidents, we started a series of workshops called: “On-Call like a king” which aims to enhance engineers knowledge while responding to production incidents. Every workshop is a set of chaos engineering experiments that simulate real production incidents and the engineers practice on investigating, resolving and finding the root cause.

In this talk I will share how we got there, what we are doing and how it improves our engineering teams expertise.


Eran Levy

Director of Engineering @ Cyren

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