Conf42: Site Reliability Engineering 2022

A guide to join operational works in your new DevOps team

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This talk will explain my experience when I join in a new engineering team. I mean a DevOps team as a team which includes developers and IT operations working collaboratively throughout the product lifecycle.

Bottom-up approach

Imagine, you don’t have much room to learn everything about your service at once. Therefore, let’s chunk continuous learning. Learning process is observed -> recorded -> action.

In the observe phase, let’s jump into alerts and exceptions even if you’re not familiar with them. Gradually, you will start to know what are critical points for our service (i.e. website down).

In the recording phase, let’s write up missing documentation behalf of teammates. Even if you cannot solve issues directly, it would be helpful to your team. There, writing Runbooks give you chances to understand your service and participate in operations. I would recommend you write the “Architecture” part to organize your understanding of your service’s technical design.

In the action phase, let’s try service operation (e.g. fixing broken data by manual operations). Pair operation is a good idea to jump into service operational works.

Top-down approach

Check the big picture of your service reliability (e.g. is there any SLA? SLO? SLI?)


Kazuki Higashiguchi

Software Engineer @ Autify

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