Conf42: Site Reliability Engineering 2022


Using incidents to level-up your teams

Lisa Karlin Curtis
Product Engineer @

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Incidents are a great opportunity to gather both context and skill. They take people out of their day-to-day roles, and force ephemeral teams together to solve unexpected and challenging problems.

The first part of the talk will walk through the different things you can learn from incidents, including:

  • Taking you to the edges of the systems your team owns, and beyond - incidents help broaden your understanding of the context in which you’re building
  • Showing you how systems fail, so you can learn to identify and build software with good observability, and considerations of failure modes
  • Expanding your network inside your organisation, making connections with different people, who you can learn from and collaborate with

We’ll then talk about how to get the best value from the incidents which you do have as an individual, thinking about when is an appropriate time to ask questions, and how to get your own learnings without ‘getting in the way’.

Finally, we’ll discuss how to make this part of the culture of an organisation: as part of the leadership team, what can you do to encourage this across your teams?

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