Conf42: Site Reliability Engineering 2022


SRE Best Practices for API Design

Navendu Pottekkat
Developer Advocate @

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In modern development teams, site reliability engineers (SREs) are the glue that holds developer and operations teams.

It is the goal of the SREs to increase the reliability of their services to meet production standards by setting up monitoring, ensuring proper resource allocation, rolling out updates gradually, and anticipating the cost of failures.

As the size of the APIs increase, the need for making them reliable and robust also increases.

In this talk, Navendu will talk about best practices for API design that lean towards reliability. Attendees will learn about:

  • Reliability issues in traditional API design.
  • How SREs fit in the API development pipeline.
  • Modern API development best practices using API gateways.
  • How SREs can combine DevOps practices to build more reliable services.

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