Cloud Native Chaos Engineering Workshop by ChaosNative

Workshop Overview

Chaos Engineering has evolved in the past few years with the development of the Cloud-Native paradigm.  Chaos testing is seen as a must for all Cloud-Native practitioners emphasizing reliability as a container challenge.  With the introduction of the LitmusChaos tool which helps curate Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering in a controlled way, practicing Chaos has become easier. Belonging to the CNCF ecosystem, Litmus stresses upon applying Chaos Engineering to modern architectures and building resilient applications simultaneously. The features and ideas majorly surround Community Collaboration, Observability, GitOps, Open APIs & much more. This talk stresses on the evolution of Chaos Engineering with the introduction of the LitmusChaos 2.0

Target Audience

This workshop is intended for SREs, DevOps practitioners, Developers, Software Engineers, Students, and anyone else who is interested in learning the art and value of chaos engineering and resilience. This workshop also includes a certification option. You have a chance to become a LitmusChaos Certified Chaos Practitioner.

Setup Details

The labs for the workshop will be on an online platform, all we require is a stable internet connection.


  • Sayan Mondal, Software Engineer, ChaosNative

  • Neelanjan Manna, Software Engineer, ChaosNative

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