Cortex <> Conf42 SRE 2021


Cortex joins in as the Platinum Sponsor of Conf42: SRE 2021

Cortex is a Software Engineering Platform that gives organizations visibility into their microservices and drives adoption of best practices so they can deliver higher quality software.

The company is represented at the conference by Cristina Buenahora Bustamante in the keynote: Evangelizing the SRE mindset: Building a culture of reliability and ownership.

Tune in for the new Conf42Cast. Miko Pawlikowski had a chat with Ganesh Datta, Cofounder & CTO of Cortex. Watch it here.

Make sure to check out How SREs can drive team adoption of the 4 golden signals, the featured article on their SRE blog.

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  • Case study: How Clever standardized service quality across its 500+ services

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