Did someone say “incident management”?


Did someone say “incident management”?

Here’s a little puzzle for you. What do you call the process loved by many, hated by so many more, while inevitable to both? Welcome to the controversial world of incident management - we’ll be your guide.

Whichever group you belong to, incident management is something no one can escape from, so we might as well learn to have some fun with it! Our amazing guests will introduce you to incident management from a new perspective. You will appreciate the incidents’ role in the growth of your team, explore the importance of automation in scaling up, as well as have some empathy 101 workshop. This isn’t our first rodeo, you know there’s so much more waiting for you!

Come and check out 15+ amazing talks, already available on our website. But before you do, let us give a big shout out to our fabulous diamond sponsors, FireHydrant and Jeli. Thank you for your support!

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